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I began this blog in 2011 in an attempt to improve my photography and showcase all of California's 58 counties. I didn't quite make all of the 58, I missed three and I will try to rectify that in the coming year. I'm not sure how much I improved my photography because I always seemed to be in a rush.
In 2012 I plan to take more time, perhaps not post every day (this is one thing I did accomplish in 2011). I also plan to expand beyond California and include images from other parts of Western United States. I will continue to include a map showing where I was when I took the picture. I will keep commentary to a minimum, long photo essays will continue to be at Martha's Musings.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Water Makes the Desert Grow, At a Cost


Imperial County
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Kay L. Davies said...

Ah, yes, crops in Imperial County. When I lived on Canada's wet west coast, I always thought it was amazing to see field after field of green in the California desert. Then, 10 years ago, I moved to southeastern Alberta, to the desert part of the Canadian prairie, where irrigation does the same thing it does in Imperial County.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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EG CameraGirl said...

Yes, I have seen a huge difference around Phoenix, AZ over the past 30 years.

Pat Tillett said...

There may be crops, but it's still hot as can be there...

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